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Pet Vet Russia Expo 2013. Results


On May 23-25 ​​in Moscow, Crocus Expo, an international exhibition of products and services for pets Pet Vet Russia Expo 2013 took place. Organizer ‒ Asti Group Exhibition Company.
The exhibition was attended by manufacturers and distributors of pet supplies from Europe, Asia, America, and Russia, as well as owners of veterinary clinics, salons and shops.
On the first day of the exhibition particular interest of the specialists was attracted by master classes for groomers which was opened by Kitty Dekersgiter, a judge and a board member of the European Grooming Association. She shared the secrets of a successful business in grooming dogs and showed the audience a hairstyle options for the breed West Highland White Terrier. After that Kitty Dekersgiter answers the specific questions and gave practical advices to the owners of Pet Grooming Salons.
Olga Zabelinskaya, certified groomer from the United States, the owner of two salons in New Jersey Elite pet Spa & Boutique and "Gallery Grooming", conducted master classes on breeds Bichon Frise and Bedlington terrier. She spoke about the peculiarities of these breeds and preparation for grooming, selecting the right tools, clipper blades and scissors. She also compared the American and European hairstyles, spoke about their characteristics, differences and similarities. At the end of the master class Olga answered many questions from the participants.
Next was a master class on Newfoundland, which was run by Umberto Lehmann, president of the European Grooming Association and a judge of the European Groomers Association ‒ All Round.
The second day of the show was also full of activities for salon owners and professional groomers and zoo stylists.
Amy Brown, president of the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers and chief editor of CGQ: Creative Groomer Quarterly conducted a workshop on "Creative grooming" in which she demonstrated the various options for providing customers of the salons with professional creative service using safe means for color and care of animals. She spoke about the hottest trends in decorating dogs, starting with bows and ending with creative tattoos that are applied to the dog's coat using special inks and stencils.
The theme of the seminar given by Kristen Fulton, owner of a large grooming center Faux Paws ® in the U.S., became a therapeutic massage with aromatherapy for dogs, in which she introduced the participants to the basics of aromatherapy and manual therapy, the understanding of which allows you to use this knowledge in practice.
As a part of manual therapy muscular and skeletal structure of the dogs were considered and the methods to relax anxious puppy and reduce joint pain syndromes of older pets.
The second seminar of Kristen Fulton: "First Aid for Pets / CPR" was dedicated to first aid for pets, who are brought to the salons for grooming.

A professional veterinary care issues were discussed at an international conference for practicing veterinarians PractiVet 2013 which took place within the frames of the exhibition.
All visitors to the Pet Vet Russia Expo 2013 were also able to observe the work of the international groomer competition, which started on May 24 and lasted for two days.
On the first day groomers from Moscow, and different regions of Russia and CIS countries, demonstrated their skills in the categories "Open Class" and "Class of beginning groomers", and on May 25 the competition continued in classes "Pet haircut" and "Show of zoo stylists" which always strikes with the imagination and ingenuity of the masters.

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