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Seminar on First Aid for Pets / CPR took place at the exhibition Pet Vet Russia Expo 2013


On May 25 as a part of the business program of Pet Vet Russia Expo 2013, organized by the Asti Group exhibition company a seminar for owners and employees in grooming salons: "First Aid for Pets / CPR” was successfully held. It was run by Kristen Fulton, owner of a large grooming center Faux Paws ® in the United States, who shared her experience and skills in first aid for pets who come to the salons for grooming. At the workshop the signs were examined that help identify stress and health problems, and demonstrated first aid options that will save pet lives. First of all, she advised all pet owners to inspect their pets every day to avoid missing any incipient problems with health. The same applies to the employees of the grooming salons. Special care should be taken with those animals that first visit grooming salons. This inspection will not take much time – something between 30  seconds to one minute, but it will help to avoid unexpected risks.
Kristen Fulton demonstrated on a mannequin all stages of inspection. You have to start with the state of the animal's skin, then check coat, ears, claws, then teeth and gums. Risk factors may include: advanced age of the animal, a heart attack while grooming and epilepsy, which can be caused even by hypothermia. After that Kristen gave details of first aid, which must be given in each case.
Workshop participants did not let Kristen Fulton go for a long time, asking her many questions. The audience was particularly struck by the very simple advices how to stop the bleeding with external and internal cuts and other ways to help that Kristen used in her salons in such cases.
And at the booth of "Milord" Olga Zabelinskaya and Shaunna Bernardin run a master class on grooming, using the most modern tools provided by WAHL, which aroused great interest among both professionals and beginning groomers.

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